All our sheds are manufactured using tongue and grooved timber.  Standard sheds have 38mm x 50mm framing. Workshops have 75mm x 50mm framing. All sheds are clad with 125mm x 12mm shiplap boards. Roofs and floors are 125mm tongue and grooved timber.

All of our sheds can be made-to-measure and to your desired specification. Additional doors, double doors, opening windows, optional tanalising and Log boarding are also available for an extra cost.


Classic ELM Shed
Our classic ELM sheds are available as either Apex or Pent style and come in a range of sizes with the option of made-to-measure sheds.

Standard sizes available: 6’X4′, 6’x6′, 7’x5′, 8’x6′, 8’x8′, 10’x6′ and10’x8′.

Prices for Classic ELM Sheds start from £530


ELM Workshop Shed
ELM Workshop Sheds are heavy duty frames and just like our Classic Sheds are also available as either an Apex or Pent style and can be made-to-measure.

Standard sizes available: 6’X4′, 6’x6′, 7’x5′, 8’x6′, 8’x8′, 10’x6′, 10’x8′, 12’x8′.

Prices for Classic ELM Sheds start from £770


ELM Specials
At Elm not only do we do our classic Sheds we also have a range of Elm Specials. This range includes potting sheds & toolstores.

Please note with all shed installations our team require a firm level base

10ft x 8ft Workshop apex style in log board with extra overhang


12ft x 6ft Workshop apex style 1 board higher

12ft x 10ft Workshop apex style 

20ft x 10ft Workshop storage unit apex style

24ft Workshop apex style

Workshop shed apex style

Elm workshop sheds in log boarding apex style

8 x 6 apex shed as seen in our showroom

8 x 6 standard pent style

Standard pent shed no window


10ft x 6ft pent workshop in log boarding 

Why not have a look at our combi shed/summerhouses? This is an example of an 17ft x 8ft combi Aspen Summerhouse. Have a look at more examples on our summerhouse page 





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